Free Book Giveaway!

bookgiftIs it Christmas Yet?

I don’t know about you, but the kids around here have been bouncing on their toes about Christmas! Alex and her friends are giddy with the thought of gifts and adventures. Let’s not forget about the food! One thing our family shares is our love for food. Homemade truffles. Yum!

So, let’s get this holiday started right.

After the successful launch of Sissy’s in Trouble, the first book in The Demon Bunny Chronicles, I have decided to make it available to all of you lovelies for absolutely FREE. Beginning tomorrow, December 1st, Sissy’s in Trouble will be absolutely free until December 5th.

Free you say? /cackle

Go snag a copy for yourself and your children. Tell your friends and family because this deal only lasts five days.

It’s the holidays … And this is an easy way to save money and share this free gift with someone you love.

Sincerest regards,

Vanessa Jean Shockley

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