Pre-order Hidden Waterfalls today!

41vanqgu7alThe digital version of Hidden Waterfalls, the second book in The Demon Bunny Chronicles, is now available for pre-order by clicking this link. The date of publication has been set to September 1, 2016!

In celebration of the publication of Hidden Waterfalls, I am, once again, giving away free digital copies of the first book in this series, Sissy’s in Trouble. Although a child does not have to read the books in sequential order, the story will be far more appreciated if he or she reads Sissy’s in Trouble first.

As usual, I will be hosting a free, signed paperback giveaway of Hidden Waterfalls. Two lucky winners will receive a signed, paperback copy of my new book. Details to come 🙂

This weekend, our youngest daughter, Alex, will create a video to share with everyone. She finished reading the book today, and the only thing she complained about was the lack of table of contents. That works for me!

So go ahead and pick up your free copy of Sissy’s in Trouble and snag a pre-order of Hidden Waterfalls. Support your fellow dreamer!

Happy readying!

Vanessa Jean Shockley


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