Making Your Own Weather


Making Your Own Weather is a fascinating concept that is incredibly infectious to those around us. It is more than a simple idea to help you find a positive state of mind during your daily adventures. The practice of making your own weather is the first step to paying it forward. Smile … Take a deep breath … and appreciate the little things that make up the beautiful day ahead of you.

I have a great example of Making Your Own Weather!

The other day, I was driving my nine-year-old grumpy daughter to school. She was miserable and flat-out dreary. I know most of you do not know me, but I’m a big believer in smile, laugh, dance and fun. So, being a child of the 80s, I decided to clue her in on some inspiring music.

When you’re feeling down and need a little happy pick-me-up, it’s all about the Bee Gees’s Staying Alive.

So, there I was, singing and dancing like a fool, and my daughter sat next to me trying her best to be invisible. Once we reached the car rider line, she became frantic because her mother was still singing and dancing.

At Cornelia Elementary, the wonderful police officers help at the car rider line, opening doors for the children. When the police officer opened our door, he heard Staying Alive playing and the smile on his face was priceless.

He started to bust out his disco moves, and as I drove away, I could see other teachers dancing.

It’s not just about making your own weather… It’s about affecting the weather of others. So do your part! Smile at the person walking by and give some high-fives! Encourage happiness and productivity will thrive.

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