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Hello my lovies … Alex and I are still here painting away and having a blast. We’ve moved forward and are now making jewelry with the leftover paint. My mother-in-law asked me if I would be able to make coasters, and I thought that was an incredible idea. Now we are bonding and creating amazing artwork together 🙂 /high five!

Please take a moment to view all of our hard work by clicking this sentence, which will take you to our Etsy shop.

In addition, we are doing a major overhaul on our website and everything that surrounds it heh so please bear with us! xox

Thank you in advance for supporting your fellow dreamers .. we need your help and support so we can buy more supplies to make more awesomeness 😉


Vanessa and Alex xox

Artistic Adventures and Acrylic Pouring


My artistic ability ranges from stick figures to oval cats with stick legs. Yup … that’s about it! My daughter, Alex, is an incredible artist 😊 She loves dragons, scales and eyes. She somehow captures emotions very well and when she shares her sketches with me, I am in awe and do my best to express how proud I am of her and flame her passion of creativity!

So, we’ve taken this to a whole new level. Perhaps I went a bit overboard, but we’ve transformed half of our garage into an art studio for all of our projects! She really wants to video everything we do and post them to YouTube so I’ll have to do some research on how to set everything up.

Stay tuned for that inevitable newbness 😊

I’m going to post videos and pictures of our journey from newb to hopefully something righteous!

Here are our first attempts at acrylic pouring hehe

Regardless if where that righteousness leads, we’re about to create some wonderful memories together and nothing in the world, except old age and memory loss hehe … will take that away from us 😊


Vanessa and Alex xox