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Hello? Is there anybody out there?

Is it just me, or have I been missing in action for a few months? I have!

The last post was in December, and since then, our lives have been going warp speed ahead! Christmas, two birthdays, bought a house and moved to an entirely new area in the mountains. By mountains I mean, they are only 10 minutes away. We live in the extremely rural area next door 🙂

Alex and I have been working hard at beautifying our back yard! It needs a lot of work, but in about a year or two … everything will shine! We had a fence installed and now our yard work helper, Annabel Lee, gets to prance around or lounge in the sun while we work.

I do have exciting news about book two of the Demon Bunny Chronicles, but this post is just to say, “HELLO!” because now that things are more settled, I hope keep you guys in the loop about our weekly activities xox

I sincerely hope this long overdue post finds you well … and until then … happy reading!

Vanessa Jean Shockley

“What on Earth am I Looking At?”

Good morning!

Here is another picture taken from the Children’s Christmas Party!

Some of you may think .. Hmm. What the heck is that?

Ha! It’s my daughter, Alex. I’m not sure what dance she was dancing, but she jumped up like 4-feet-high!

Super impressive.

The second book is coming along FAST, and I can’t wait to share the first chapter with you!

All of my love and creativity,

Vanessa Jean Shockley


Alex’s Introduction of Sissy’s in Trouble :)