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Coming Soon! …. From the Depths Collection

I do believe I’ve neglected this webpage long enough! You can find my posts on @QuirkyWhims on Facebook and @MyQuirkyWhims on Instagram 🙂 All of my artwork is posted there, and most of it is for SALE. Key word there my lovies is most!

Back on track!


Why From the Depths? It’s all about the technique baby! My painting style is acrylic pouring. I use acrylic paint with different mediums that provide a fluid-like flow so I can tilt and turn and manipulate the canvas until all of the paint is hopefully where I want it to be .. but as most of you know .. paint has a mind of its own 🙂

From the Depths is a collection that I created using my favorite technique! A flip cup!  Instead of just lifting the cup off the canvas, I poke a hole in the cup. This releases the paint under the base coat. All of the beautiful colors are unseen because they are temporarily beneath the surface. Paint density rocks! The base coat will always be heavier than the colors I choose, so you can stand there and see the rampaging cellgasm come to life as the colored paints emerge from the depths below 😉

Please take a moment to view the gallery slideshow below. The images are from Release Me, a key piece of artwork in my From the Depths collection xox

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